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Daily Lent Study 2021

Engaging with the Lenten Devotional:
How to approach each week

Each week in Lent will have a new theme covering one of the many definitions of shalom. You will be invited to begin the week by reflecting on the theme. Ponder it in prayer before beginning to read each day’s devotional. Ask God to open your heart to receive whatever message the Spirit is eager to give you during this season of walking with the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Presbyterians Today also invites you to create your own visual reminder of the importance of praying for peace. Using strips of fabric and a fabric marker, write your prayers for peace weekly or daily and then attach them to either a tree in your yard, a railing on the steps of your home or even a fence. Let the fabric, blowing in the wind, be a witness in your community that peace is possible and that it begins with each one of us. Go a step further and share with those in your community about God’s shalom and invite them to add to the peace tree, railing or fence. By Easter morning, may there be hundreds of peace prayers blowing in the wind, greeting a new day with hope. Share your peace prayer trees, railings or fences with Donna Frischknecht Jackson, editor of Presbyterians Today at

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