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Reflections on Sunday

Reflections on Sunday by John Jackson

Sunday was spectacular! I always enjoy the combined worship service as it is a time to see fellow members of the FPCE family. The blending of styles of worship is refreshing, we really need to have these single services more often. Being in the sanctuary with a full house was like Thanksgiving when the entire family gathers around the table to thank God for all their blessings and to enjoy each other. The excitement of having our youngest members of the family share a song shows us what the future holds. What a wonderful time to welcome new members into the church, especially those young folks that learned all about what it means to be a Presbyterian, but more importantly what it means to publicly state your love of Jesus. And to be a part of the baptism of two lovely ladies as they put their trust in Jesus and we, the church, promised to look after them.

For me, it is so important to be a part of the church. To worship with fellow believers. To share my life with others that rejoice in the good news that Jesus died for us. To have an opportunity to influence young folks through example. To be God’s servant and serve others through the many ways our church shows Jesus. To study the Bible with others as we explore this magnificent message with other members of our church.

How fortunate we are to be part of a church that has been a dynamic force in our community for 138 years. To realize we are carrying on the commitment made over the years to serve God and others. To have the opportunity to preserve our beautiful sanctuary and campus that so many worked hard to create a warm and inspiring environment.

Then to fellowship with others. To share stories of family, of events, of friends, of good times, of challenging times, of important activities, of trivial, but interesting aspects of life. Yes, Sunday was a special day for me and for our church. We grew in a number of ways. We were able to interact with those we do not see frequently, we were able to welcome folks into our membership, we were able to enjoy the youngest of our family, we were able to appreciate our heritage, we were together to worship God with enthusiasm and to share His love for us all. Praise be to God!

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