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Jennifer Warren, Shannon Walter, and I had the privilege of chaperoning 15 youth to see the concert of TobyMac at the Amway Center in Orlando of Friday, February 3rd. This concert kicks off our 2023 year of fun and fellowship for our youth group called The CURRENT. We pray that by offering a fun monthly event, we will be able to connect youth together, and in doing so, they will form lasting relationships that inspire and encourage them to want to further deepen their relationship with God.

We gathered for pizza in the Fellowship Hall and were blessed with the help of John and Catherine providing dinner, and for Dawn Hofmeister joining in on the fun by helping to clean up so we could promptly leave at 5:00 for the concert.

TobyMac’s “Hits Deep” tour allowed for the kids to hear Christian music by Crowder, Cochren and Co, Tasha Layton, Jon Reddick and Terrian. As Jennifer reflected, “It was a time to be in fellowship and hear the true gospel message through music, messages and testimonies given; A great alternative to the secular music out there.” Many of the youth were greatly impacted and expressed their excitement at discovering a new group of music that they like. A youth even expressed his deep gratitude at three adults spending their Friday night with a bunch of teenagers so they could enjoy a concert.

Since it was a new mixed group of youth, this experience allowed them to meet new kids and make new friends. It encouraged them to try something new that may have been out of their comfort zone and it was a safe and encouraging space to explore their faith. They heard a clear message from Pastor Eric Samuel Timm, referencing Matthew 6, about storing up treasure in heaven by strengthening our relationships with people and to be more mindful of what we deem our treasure; that relationships are lasting and being in community with one another, loving and serving others, is what Jesus calls us to do. We pray that the message was heard clearly and that we provide engaging ways to keep this youth group connecting and growing.

Our next youth event for The CURRENT will be on Friday, March 3rd. As we move forward, we will need the help of additional volunteers to chaperone, provide meals, and most importantly, to give of your time to connect with our youth to establish important and necessary relationships. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming events and pray about how you will nurture and encourage our SPLASH and CURRENT ministries.

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