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"The Good, the Hired and the Sheep"

4th Sunday of Easter, April 25th

Read: John 10: 11-18

On this Sunday of Easter the gospel lesson shifts from the historical recounting of the events following to resurrection to a Christological reflection; which is the field of Theology that studies the nature (person) and work (role in salvation) of Jesus Christ. Christological means literally "the understanding of Christ."

The goal of our lesson is for you to hear, accept, and announce that there is only one good shepherd [v.11], that there are many hired hands [v.12-13,] and that as a flock we belong to a sheepfold. A place where knowledge is shared and encouraged [v.14] committed [v.15] a place that needs to remain open to all and obedient to God's way, servant leadership [v.16]

Some of the earliest images of Jesus found in churches and tombs were not portrayals of Jesus on the cross or the infant in the manger. Rather, they picture Jesus as the one and only shepherd.

It is fair to say that most of us do not have much experience with the work "shepherding," and yet that doesn't stop us from understanding the text right? This passage not only offers us a functional description of what Jesus did and continues to do, or do you believe that our shepherd is gone and that we are at the mercy of wolves?

Today, we want to know if you want to know Jesus better, to love him more, and to follow Him wholeheartedly. If you do, then pay attention to the stories of the Bible of people that did things, extraordinary things not because they got something in return, but because they understood that they are part of a flock who is journeying to a sheepfold which we call the Kingdom of God.

Pay attention to the story of...

Luke 21: 1-4 / The poor widow in the Temple

Mark 11: 1-11 / Jesus sends for a Donkey

Matthew 26: 6-13 / Mary pours oil on Jesus' head

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