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The best place to get connected to the life of the church is in a Discipleship Group.

Discipleship Groups meet on our church campus, in homes, and online.


Join this group of people who are learning to pursue Jesus together, building relationships that feel like family and intentionally making a difference where we live, work, study, and play.


We are to help one another to know Jesus better so we can show Jesus better.


Sabbath is a celebration, not a day of dreary formality. God’s intent for all of creation includes busy women too. As one day of the week, perhaps a Sunday. It is a time to surrender unhealthy striving and frantic busyness and instead trust that God will provide. As a reminder that life is precious and working too much is against God’s plans for our precious lives. As a day devoted to community and justice and not exclusively to self-care.

February 21st 2023 - March 21st 2023

April 18th 2023 - May 16th 2023

Tuesday Evening Women's

"Isaiah" Begins January 17th at 6 PM

Striving Less and Trusting God More

As we study the chapters Isaiah wrote—from his challenging words to the nation of Israel to his prophecies of the Messiah to come—learn to rest in God's promises and grow in trust.


In this 7-session study, Isaiah’s words aim to reveal that you can trust God more than your human effort or the counterfeits the world suggests. You won’t be striving harder but instead relying more deeply on the Faithful One who is so worthy of our utter dependence. You'll find comfort and peace in Him to sustain you.

They meet in person in the Gathering Place

and on Zoom (ID #210 235 450)



Participating in or Leading a community group can be a rewarding way to use your gifts as you gather with fellow believers, to pursue Jesus, build genuine relationships, and share the hope and heart of Jesus with others.

We are committed and excited to provide all the support and resources you might need.

Call the Church Office at (352) 357-2833 if you are interested in participating in or leading a Discipleship Group.

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