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2+3 Gather

Without a plan—without a vision—people are doomed to wander. Because we don't want to wonder, every year, the leadership of the Church gathers, reflects, gives thanks, and prays for the future, success, and life of our Community of Faith. We do this because we wish to "Reflect and Reveal the Love of Christ in all that we do. We believe that when you KNOW Jesus, you SHOW Jesus." That is our overall vision; from this vision, we need to coordinate goals and targets for the year 2023, and that's where you come in.

We are inviting you (friend, member or not, past or present Ruling Elder or Deacon) to come and join us on our "Vision Day" on October 8th from 9-2 PM to help us differentiate between what is important and what is essential.

On Saturday, October 8th, we will meet in the Fellowship Hall to thank God for all we have been allowed and empowered to do. Together with you, we will assess, discern and begin to forge goals or targets which will guide the church's leadership as they set a budget and activities of Mission, Outreach, and Fellowship begin to shape.

You will hear the result from the United States Congregational Vitality Survey, completed by our Congregation in April of 2022. We will explore the survey results with the help of Dr. Cheryl Carson, Associate Executive Presbyter of the Central Florida Presbytery. From there, Pastor Mario will facilitate the small group conversation, which we pray will flow into some life-giving, purposeful driven decisions. The goal is for you to (with your ideas, aspirations, and even frustrations) help our congregation unleash our God-given potential, do our best fulfilling the great commission, and avoid the usual pitfalls of collaboration: groupthink, a lack of outcomes, and team politics (to name just a few!)

Pastor Mario's goal will be to encourage participants to think productively and ultimately to articulate critical ideas, ask vital questions, uncover variables, find solutions, and identify productive actions, NOT to solve the challenge for the team.

Now you might be wondering what is "2+3 Gather." Well, that is what Pastor Mario is calling this event. If you are wondering where it comes from, well it comes from Matthew 18:20, which says, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." and you know, next year is year 20... 2... 3... The year to remember the importance of gathering, and how God is with us when we gather in God's name!

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided.

See you Saturday!

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