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Becoming a Deacon at FPCE

For the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as the liaison from Session to the Deacons. In doing so, I have discovered a small group of people whose hearts love and care for our church family. They have made phone calls, sent notes of encouragement, remembered birthdays and anniversaries, made visits, and truly entered into relationships with the members of their flocks. I have come to realize that Deacons are the relational glue that holds our congregation together.

No Pastor can care for the congregation alone (Pastor Mario Says: #Thatsright!), nor is this the way Jesus intended for His Church to operate. The Old and New Testaments are examples of people journeying and working together. We need each other and we grow and deepen our faith as we do life together. This is the mission of the Deacons: to help the Pastor care for and minister to our church family.

However, we are now entering a critical time when the vast majority of the Deacons are transitioning off the committee, and we need new people to come alongside to help. Being a Deacon only requires love - love for Jesus and love for those in our church family. Each Deacon has a “Flock” of 15-18 people/families to care for and love on - to build relationships with - to ensure that folks know they are not doing life alone, but instead have someone journeying with them who stays in touch, listens, and cares. It’s not about “doing.” It’s all about “being” - “being” present - “being” available - “being” a reflection of Christ.”

Please prayerfully consider joining us in ministry as a Deacon. The God of the Universe desires to move wildly in and through each of His People. He promises to supply everything we need to do whatever He calls us to do. To quote Lysa TerKeurst: “ When a Jesus Person rises up and gives unexpected grace, the mystery of Christ is seen more clearly than ever before.” Wouldn’t you love to be that person?

Deacons serve a term of two years (like FPCEustis Ruling Elders) which can be reviewed for up to 6 consecutive years total. If you have questions or require further information -- please contact Pastor Mario by calling the church office or by emailing him at

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