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Co-Active Coaching

You probably heard that I am (Pastor Mario) away from the Church this week. I am taking a week for continuing education and I am part of a cohort exploring and receiving training on the co-active coaching model. If you are interested, read below for a brief explanation of the work and intent of this model...

The first thing is that we are reminded that people, or for the purpose of the training, the client or coaches is Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole. This Co-active leadership model comes from the belief that clients have the answers or can find the answers if asked the right questions. From the co-active coach’s point of view, nothing is wrong or broken, and there is no need to “fix” the client. The Coach is simply discovering, uncovering, or polishing the individual that people already are.

The Agenda Comes from the Client, and The Client does the Work

This means that the coach/client relationship is focused on getting the client's desired results, not what the coach or anyone else thinks is best for the client. It is the coach’s task to ensure that the clients are always steering towards fulfillment and balance and can engage in the process of their lives.

The Coach Dances in the Moment

Often, when Coaches start working with one issue or inquiry, they will find something else underneath or behind it that will pop up. Dancing in the moment means that they will deal with or just be with whatever comes up in each moment and know that whatever arises and wherever individuals are in this moment is the perfect place for them. Everything that is happening is an opportunity for learning and movement.

Co-Active Coaching Addresses the Client’s Whole Life

Because we are human beings and not programs set to perform a specific function and no other, we often cannot separate or compartmentalize the different aspects of our lives into neat little boxes. Everything is connected somehow, so co-active coaching relationships must work with aspects of every area of a person’s life: work, home, family, relationships, money, intimacy, and so on.

I am taking this training because I am convinced that my training to offer better Pastor Care never ends. This training will help me be a better pastor by giving me better tools for counseling… The whole thing is about exploring answers, encouraging action, and supporting people like you in their journey of self-discovery.

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