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Cottage Task Force

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What ideas do you have for the future of FPCE's Cottage?

Mission: “Make a Recommendation to the Session about the Future of the Cottage.”

A Task Force on the Future of the FPCE Cottage has been appointed.

Members: Martha Hartman, Tim Holifield and Dalton Yancey.

Their group email address is:

Here's what we know: The Cottage was acquired by the Session on July 15, 2015 for $90,000. Since then, the church has invested an additional $15,000 for repairs etc. for a total investment of $105,000. An appraisal was completed recently which indicated the current value at $135,000. All FPCE real estate is held in trust for FPCE by the Central Florida Presbytery. The Cottage was acquired for these reasons:

  • It was available

  • It directly joined FPCE property (the parking lot)

  • The church had the funds

  • The church needed meeting space and future parking space during 2015, the Easter attendance at combined worship services was 800

  • Since acquisition, the Cottage has been used for: Meeting space; the Clothes Closet; Storage Space; and a Residence for the Youth Pastor.

The congregation is invited to send an email with ideas and suggestions about the future of the Cottage to the Task Force so they may consider them in making their recommendation to the Session. The Task Force will receive comments until March 17, 2021. They will have a Listening Session on Sunday, March 14, 2021.

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