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Many years ago, when I was going though a difficult period of life, I sought my father’s advice and here’s what he told me: “Don’t give up!”

Sometimes when the task is challenging, we all have a choice of keeping the faith or giving up. We are, after all, just humans. And we often look for the easy way out. It’s a choice that is effortless and undemanding.

So, I’m really pleased to share with you a report from our Treasurer, Richard Paul, who told me that on the current campaign, “Keeping the Faith and Growing the Future,” we are a little over the 70% mark! Richard said, “We have in pledges and cash, $59,420 as of Friday’s mail.” That’s awesome!

Now, we only have $24,580 to go. So let’s finish strong. We have one week to go in our formal campaign to raise funds needed for our Children, Youth, Family Ministries, and needed repairs of our aging buildings and campus.

We have a summer time challenge to Keep the Faith and Grow the Future with a goal of $84,000. There are some easy ways to address the challenge. Use the self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail in your contribution or let Faye Thompson, our financial secretary know your intent. Another easy way is to drop your intent or gift in the boxes at church next Sunday, or use the web site

Remember some wisdom from a person who kept the faith over his life, and in so doing, helped to grow a successful future. — “Don’t Give Up!”

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