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Entering This Magical Time

As we are entering this magical time of the holiday season, let us open our hearts to participate in our third annual Angel Tree mission. This year we are sponsoring 50 local foster children and their families.

A friend of mine, Krystie Moss, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Family Life Counseling Center in Tavares offers services to many families that foster children. She has seen a great need to help these families at Christmas and has reached out to her community and friends to help sponsor these children. Many families foster more than one child, and the services and compensation that they receive do not amount to enough to provide gifts and items of necessity to each child.

Church, that is where we come in! Choose an angel to sponsor this holiday season. There are

50 children’s wish lists and 15 family Christmas feast angels to choose from. If you choose to

sponsor a foster child, choose an angel and take it shopping with you. Fill out the clipboard

with your name, the child’s number, and your phone number. Shop generously from the wish

list and get your family and friends involved! Bring back all gifts in a large gift bag, unwrapped, to the church by Sunday, December 11. Place the labeled gift bag under either the angel tree in the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.

There are 15 family feast angels on the tree. If you choose this angel, purchase a gift card in the amount of at least $100.00 from Walmart or Publix. This will allow for the foster family to

purchase food to provide a plentiful Christmas Feast.

If you would like to participate, but are part of our virtual church family, email Cheryl in our

church office at and she will pick an angel off of the tree and email the

wish list to you. And most importantly, pray for these families and foster children! Together, we can be a blessing to local families who are doing God’s work by fostering. Let us be the church that reflects when you KNOW Jesus, you SHOW Jesus!

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