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Financial Report of April

Our Session has designated the Second Sunday of each month as Generosity Sunday — A time for a report on our generosity as a congregation, along with our current needs.

First, let us celebrate a few items of our church life.

  1. We had a great April. As reported in your bulletins, for the first time this year, during April, we as a congregation had revenues which exceeded our expenditures, by over $12,000.

  2. We have had modest growth in our numbers as several new members have joined our congregation.

  3. We have more children joining our Moms Morning Out Program.

  4. Our “Recovery Cottage” is gaining use by the addition of a whole new group that meets at noon each day weekly. That adds to income also.

  5. Our Center Street Kitchen is feeding over 200 take out meals each Friday. But the costs for food & supplies are going up. For example, the cost of a ham now up to $35- $40 per ham vs $11-15 pre-pandemic. All costs are up, and we have more than 30 volunteers. If you want to volunteer, you’d be very welcome.

These celebrations indicate that we are in a growth period and we are able to help support the growth of our congregation and out-reach ministry programs.

While we need to maintain our momentum of giving tithes and offerings, the early indications from our Church Treasurer are that for the month of May offerings are significantly down.

Now as we enter the Summer time, we need to keep up the support we had during April! It takes about $50,000/month to sustain our activities.

We have special “Above and Beyond” giving opportunities.

  1. As the summer rains have started, we know that our sanctuary roof is leaking. We need to address this issue immediately. The cost of the Sanctuary Roof replacement could be has high as $90,000.00.

  2. Has anybody noticed the new two doors on the western side of our sanctuary? Generous members and experienced craftsmen have provided two new doors to our aging building. They are located at the mid-point of the Western front, facing the parking lot. While the doors are potentially 100 years old and need replacing, they are not as important as the roof. But they are an option for “Above & Beyond” giving. Each new door is estimated to cost a little above $6,000. There are five doors left.

  3. The Vacation Bible School is coming up fast, in a couple of weeks, on June 26th. VBS requires our support. VBS needs about $500 and more volunteers.

  4. The “Let’s Get Physical” Saturday of physical examinations for school sports activities is another out-reach ministry that is coming up in mid-July. It too needs volunteers and financial support.

Our church continues to have the congregation’s generosity and support in many ways.

Please contact your elected elders, finance committee members, or the church office for more information.

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