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We just graduated our class, held here in the Gathering Place at FPCE, of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Both Karen and Jim Egret were the original Coordinators of the class sponsored by our church for many years. We had to close down the ministry of offering this valuable class due to the Pandemic. The Egrets are going to coordinate the next class offered by FPCE.

The FPU class is seven weeks long and covers how to get out of debt, begin budgeting and saving and becoming an outrageous person of generosity. It’s a proven set of principles that work. Over the last 40 years, millions of people have taken the class. The super majority of them are on their way to becoming millionaires by getting rid of their debts, budgeting, saving and basically spending less than they earn while saving and prudently investing the rest.

The class is Biblically based. Dave Ramsey uses Proverbs, his faith and experience to illustrate many of his points. One of his favorite sayings is, “Live like no one else now, so you may live and give like no one else later.” There are countless true life stories of how families and individuals have rid themselves of debt, budgeted and saved their income who are now homeowners and find themselves as persons of generosity from their excess.

Ramsey states that his story harkens back to the best selling book, Thou Shalt Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. It’s about the so called “Ten Commandments of Making Money.” The basic premise of the book is from the Jewish custom of the Service of Havdalah. In this service, wine is poured into a cup resting on a saucer. As the cup fills, the excess overflows into the saucer. The cup of wine represents what we need to maintain our household and the over-flow represents what we give away to others. The point is that maintaining our lifestyle should always be less than our income.

The overflow is for the good of others, and that’s what keep us earning. The “PEACE” comes from understanding GENEROSITY.

Maintaining our home means that we can retire with dignity. Proverbs states “Godly persons leave an inheritance to their children.” Giving money away is weird for persons without faith.

We can hold money tight and it won’t get away. A clinched fist is harmful body language however, an open hand not only serves others, but may allow some more money to enter into the open hand.

The “Peace” of Financial Peace University comes from outrageous generosity. Generosity is a character trait. Like integrity, we CHOOSE to be a person of integrity. And, we choose to be a person of generosity.

It is hard to find a person of generosity who isn’t smiling. Being generous makes a person happy. Proverbs says that a generous person will prosper. “Whosoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

When we serve and give, this act moves us from selfish to selflessness. We are happier when we are serving and giving. God designed us to be a server and a giver. That’s how God made us. When we serve and give to others, our energy goes UP! Giving results in a boost of energy and creativity. We bloom. We flower.

Generosity releases endorphins, proteins and increases our heart rate. Because serving and giving is fun! We are happiest and most fulfilled when we are serving and giving.

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