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Honor thy Mother and Father

This Mother’s Day Barbie Yancey will be leading and discussing commandment number five, “Honor thy Mother and Father.” It is fitting that Pastor Mario calls this a “God-Incident!” The small group discussion will be at 10:15 AM in room one of the Fellowship Hall, this Sunday, May 9, 2021. All are welcome! This short series class on the Ten Commandments is always a “Stand-Alone” session, so you may come in and out for any Sunday.

Here are a few points on this lesson to consider:

  1. Exodus 20:12–…so that your life will be long…

  2. What if your parents were not honorable?

  3. This commandment is about how each generation has a call to care for those who have come before them.

  4. What does it mean to “Honor?”

  5. The five Love Languages.

  6. Caring for the Aging.

  7. God’s promise in the Fifth Command.

  8. What Jesus might say to you.

This short session will be about honoring others above ourselves…those who need our love and attention. Please choose to attend.

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