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How can we "Fly the Kite" at church?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

On Sunday July 4th, Pastor Mario spoke on one of Mark Batterson's 7 Daily Habits to "Fly the Kite." The premise is that we don't need to accomplish big things to win the day. It all starts with the small sacrifices, the small dedications, and the small responsibilities. Instead of dwelling on the enormous demands of tomorrow, this habit focuses on accomplishing the smaller items that meet the needs of today.

There is not a single day that goes by that you can not make a difference in one way or another. And get this, there is no task that is too little or less important than the next. That sounds nice BUT, there's a big BUT!, we are called to work willingly in all that we do. Don't think you can skirt by with the minimum effort because you know the small tasks are just as meaningful.

At the crux of the message Pastor Mario turned the table and asked how you can make small meaningful contributions to our church. He pointed out many opportunities that we have here at FPCEustis that are being looked over. I want to write out some of those opportunities in case you find yourself in search of a way to make a contribution, even a small one, to the bigger part of the mission of the church. Keep in mind that there are more details on each of these sprinkled throughout our website or if you can't find what you're looking for? Shoot me an email at

How can you contribute to our 5 Things?


  • greeting before worship

  • usher

  • run a camera from the sound booth

  • sing in the choir, play an instrument

  • sponsor coffee and morning treats

  • bring a friend to worship

  • lead an element of worship


  • join the prayer chain and become a prayer warrior

  • visit someone who is confined to their home

  • reach out to a fellow member regularly just because

  • join a small group for fellowship


  • lead a bible study

  • join a committee

  • volunteer at outreach events such as Fall Fest and VBS

  • designate a time outside of Sunday worship to make time for personal growth


  • teach Sunday school

  • meet someone new every time you come to church and follow up with them

  • connect with a church leader (staff or session) and reach out to them regularly

  • sponsor a member of youth for a trip


  • volunteer at Center Street Kitchen

  • participate in food drives

  • help serve at a congregational dinner

  • pressure wash the sidewalks

  • rake leaves on the playground

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are infinite ways to fly the kite, big and small. No act is insignificant when you serve with purpose. Go beyond the pew and fly the kite. You might be surprised in how your relationship with God and the church evolves when you accomplish small tasks to achieve the needs of today to impact the greater mission of the future.

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