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John: Light and Life, Session 6

Reflecting on our class from October 3rd, I'm filled with gratitude for our shared journey into understanding the profound depths of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The chapter we studied wasn't just enlightening; it was transformative. I want to delve a bit deeper into some of the salient points we discussed, in this opportunity using direct quotes from the chapter, to help us anchor our understanding.

The heart of our discussion, and indeed the chapter, could be summarized in this poignant line: “At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But we don’t just celebrate his resurrection; we remember and celebrate what the event means.” This isn't just about an event in history but a profound affirmation of Christ's teachings, his very essence, and a bold statement against the perceived finality of evil and death. Especially the element where Jesus tells Mary not to cling to him, but to go find the brothers and sisters... telling them that she had seen *heard from the Lord.

Mary Magdalene's journey stood as a focal point in our discussions. The chapter beautifully captures her transformation, stating, “He had utterly changed her life. It is not hard to imagine just how deeply she loved him.” Her unwavering devotion after her encounters with Jesus is a testament to the transformative power of faith, and it's a journey that we too can aspire to emulate in our own lives.

One of the most enlightening moments during our class was drawing the connection between the mercy seat of God and the resurrection. The chapter offers this profound insight: “Is it possible that John, in describing the angels in Jesus’ tomb, is trying to point us to the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection?” This perspective reframes the resurrection, urging us to view it as a continuum of God's covenant and promise to humanity.

We also delved into the promise of life after death. As the chapter poignantly reminds us, “The Resurrection and its promise of life after death show that evil, sickness, and even death will not have the final word. Christ’s promise in John 14:19—‘Because I live, you will live too’—transforms our understanding of mortality.”

In closing, I hope each one of you finds the same hope and assurance in the Gospel that Mary Magdalene did. As you continue to read and reflect, may you be reminded of Jesus's ardent desire for each of us to emulate Mary's unwavering faith and devotion. Her journey stands as a beacon for what our relationship with Christ can be.

May you be blessed with the wisdom to discern His teachings and the courage to live them. May your faith be as unwavering as Mary Magdalene's, and may you always feel the profound love and grace of our Lord.

Obviously, there was a lot more! so they a moment to explore the study guide, which you can download below.

Session 06
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