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John: Light & Life, Session 4

In our fourth session, we delved deeper into the Gospel of John, taking a focused look at Jesus' intimate conversation with His disciples before His impending crucifixion. Drawing insights from Adam Hamilton's enlightening book, our journey took us...

into the heart of Jesus' assurance, the promise of the Holy Spirit, and how it resonates in our lives today.

Central to our discussion was the poignant reality that Jesus was beginning to prepare His disciples for the conclusion of His earthly ministry. A quote that underscores this sentiment is, "Jesus begins to prepare his disciples for the fact that his time on earth is coming to an end." He did not want them to feel abandoned or without guidance. Thus, Jesus assures them, saying, "I won’t leave you as orphans.”

One of the standout revelations from our session was the promise of the Holy Spirit. Jesus makes an emphatic promise in verse 16, assuring the disciples that God "will send another Companion, who will be with you forever." During our discussion, we unpacked various names associated with the Holy Spirit, writing them down under the heading "Holy Spirit." It was fascinating to see the myriad ways the Bible describes this divine presence: Companion (CEB), Counselor (RSV), Advocate (NIV and NRSV), and Comforter (KJV). Delving deeper, we recognized this Companion as the "Spirit of Truth."

Our study took an interesting linguistic turn as we explored the original words for 'spirit' in both Greek and Hebrew - 'pneuma' and 'ruach', respectively. These words can be beautifully translated as 'breath', 'wind', or 'air', emphasizing the Holy Spirit's omnipresence and life-giving essence.

Unique to the Gospel of John is the term "paraclete" for the spirit. Hamilton provides a profound understanding of this term, defining paraclete in relation to the Holy Spirit as an advocate, counselor, comforter, helper, or encourager.

Essentially, it's someone who walks alongside us. Drawing from Hamilton’s book, he writes, "Paraclete can be translated as advocate, counselor, comforter, helper, or encourager and means someone who comes alongside you. It was a term used for an advocate or defense attorney in courtroom trials—someone who was on your side, helping, advocating for you."

Hamilton's personal testament highlighted the real-world significance of this. He recounts a day when he felt the urging of the Spirit, leading him to offer encouragement and care, showcasing how the Spirit leads in tangible ways. This anecdote nudged us to introspect: Are we attuned to the ways the Holy Spirit is present in our lives? How do we invite this divine presence daily, and how have we experienced it?

As we wrapped up Session 4, we were left with a richer understanding of the Holy Spirit's role and a renewed inspiration to invite and recognize its influence in our daily lives. The Gospel of John, coupled with Hamilton's insights, offered us a transformative look into Jesus' unwavering love, guidance, and the legacy of the Spirit he left for all believers.

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