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Meet Your Elder Nominees

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Barbara Smith will be extending her term to serve for an additional year. Alesandra Saunders will continue to be the alternate.

Our first nominee is Amelia (Amy) R. Singleton.

Amy was born in 1957 in Union Springs, AL to a family with a long history in the

Presbyterian Church . Her dad was an Elder in their local church and also sang in the

choir. Her mother was born and raised in the Baptist faith but quickly became a part of

the Presbyterian church when she married her dad.

She was always involved in the small youth choir at church and started singing in the adult

choir when she was about 12 years old. Music in general always played a big part in her

family and the church choir especially had a very special place in her life. After she married Roy and moved away from their small town, it didn't matter where they were

attending church, she always found herself singing in the choir.

They moved to Leesburg in 1985 and quickly found a home in the Lake Square

Presbyterian Church. They even lived right behind the pastor, Jerry Little and he and his

family were like family to them and their two young girls. They remain very good friends to

this day.

In January of 1998 Amy was ordained as an Elder in the Lake Square Presbyterian Church,

where she served on the Worship Committee. After serving her last year and as LSPC had

a new minister, she and Roy felt called to a different church. They visited around the area

and someone that she was working with at the time invited her to attend the Maundy

Thursday service at First Presbyterian Church Eustis. "I must say that it was one of the

most beautiful and moving services I had ever attended. We were hooked!"

Roy and Amy began attending services and she quickly inquired about singing in the choir.

She was welcomed by Cindy Curtis and the other choir members. They joined First

Pres Eustis in October of 2009. Amy loves singing in our wonderful choir!

Music, especially traditional worship music, has always had such a special place her

my heart. Amy feels honored to be nominated to serve on the

worship/music committee as Elder at First Presbyterian Church Eustis.

Ruth Polgreen is a Mom of 2 adult children and a Grama of 4. She and Toby have been married for 54 years and lived in Binghamton, NYS , until 2005 when they moved to Florida. Both of them are retired teachers: Toby from 7th grade Math and Ruth from Kindergarten and Preschool. She is an avid walker, a lover of Scripture study and a firm believer in the power of prayer.

When they first came to Florida Ruth and Toby joined Grand Island Baptist church since we they worshipped at a very similar church in NYS. They both became actively involved, with Ruth concentrating on ministry with women and children. As the years went by she found herself becoming increasingly frustrated and sad about the beliefs that women should never occupy the pulpit, lead groups that included men or express opinions in business meetings. Deacons and Trustees were always men and women were relegated to Children's Ministry, singing in the choir or serving on the Hospitality committee.

So, one Sunday she and Toby "happened" to visit FPCE and Ruth was enamored and revitalized. She loved the historic building, the music and the welcoming reception we received. She felt resurrected and freed. It was like "coming home." They joined several months later after meeting with Pastor Mario and learning more about Presbyterian Polity as compared to Baptist. So here we are blessed with Ruth - a volunteer with MMO and in the church office, a member of PW, the Tuesday evening Women's Bible Study and a Co Chair of the First Friday CSK crew.

Ruth loves Jesus with her whole heart and loves FPCE and its people. She is excited about this ministry opportunity because she feels it will challenge her as well as grow and deepen her faith. Ruth is humbled by the invitation to serve in this way.

Don Brandt and his wife, Barbara, have been “regulars” at the First Light service since joining FPCE in 2013. Don and Barb moved to Florida after he retired from Union Electric Steel Corp. in the Pittsburgh, PA area. After joining the church, Don began attending, then assisting and finally hosting Lifetree Café. He has also volunteered with Partners for Success, Let’s Get Physical & other church activities. Don is an Elder serving on Session from 2017 to 2019, the Personnel Team from 2018 to 2020 and on the Finance Team from 2017 to present. don has graciously accepted the nomination to serve another term on Session, if that is the wish of the congregation.

Dalton Yancey grew up in the Presbyterian Church in Umatilla. After a career in Washington, DC, he returned ‘home' in 2008 and became a member of FPCEustis.

He is a former Ruling Elder, Bible Study co-leader, Generosity Team Leader and Pastor Nominating Committee Member. Dalton is married to Barbara Yancey. They have two adult children and two granddaughters. He is a UF graduate, class of 1967, and a retired Association Executive.

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