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ModPod Christmas Recital

This school year, FPCE has the privilege of hosting an amazing group, ModPod, on our campus. ModPod held its Christmas Recital in the Fellowship Hall on December 7th. On their own, the students decided they would like to have a recital, put together participants, and rehearsals, and sourced volunteers and helpers for the event in a matter of weeks. The evening was full of singing, dancing, piano and violin music, and some very funny “dad” Christmas jokes. These students are incredible, kind, and helpful to one another. They wanted to find a way to raise funds for the middle school students to participate in the Model UN conference in New York City this February. The students will study global topics, prepare position papers from the perspective of a foreign country's delegation, deliver speeches, and work with students from around the world. A big thank you Alex for your dedication to helping your fellow classmates and students. You did a wonderful job coordinating this amazing event.

- Joy Holifield

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