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Habit 1: Flip the Script

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The Begining of a New Summer Lesson Series!

"Win the Day with Seven Daily Habits"

We do things every day, most of them unintentional, yet we have the freedom and dominion to make choices. We can choose to do something to improve!

This Summer, as a church, we want to challenge you to choose seven daily actions and make them "Your Habits" with the primary goal to help you stress less and accomplish more! The actions that we will consider are nothing new, and to our blessing, they were compiled effectively by pastor Mark Batterson in his latest book, "Win the Day." We plan to compare Pastor Mark's suggestions with the Scriptures and find grounds for application for us, the Children of God, the Body of Christ!

In this series, between (June, July, and half of August) we will become aware and learn how to implement these habits into our daily lives while also making meaningful investments for our future by forming healthy lifestyle changes.

In addition, Pastor Mario, with the help of other

church members, will be meeting in a small group setting to dive deeper into the subthemes of our theme and consider further scripture applications. This will be a perfect time also to have questions and answers about each sermon and comment on the future of the lesson series.

On this first day of our new lesson series, we will explore Numbers 11: 1-6 and consider the Intro and the First Habit (Chapter 1 and 2) of the book!

The first habit is called "Flip the Script," which will encourage you to understand that God has the ability, the power, and the willingness to improve your life. God wants to show you the value of something you have rejected, guide you to discover something you are yet to believe and encourage you to finish something that you are convinced doesn't exist. People of God, if you don't see your life as meaningful and if you are not satisfied with your story, be bold and tell God that you the Holy Spirit to "Flip the Script."

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