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New Sermon Series Begins April 16, 2023

"[P] Reaching to the Choir"

The phrase "preaching to the choir" refers to the act of trying to convince or persuade people who already agree with the speaker's viewpoint. It can be seen as a waste of time or redundant, as the audience is already on the same page as the speaker.

This is why we are "Reaching" to it, not "Preaching" to it.

In the next seven weeks, we will explore what happened to the followers and Disciples of Christ soon after the Resurrection. Understanding that the "World" is the Congregation and the Church is the Congregation's "Choir."

In the next seven weeks, we will celebrate the 40 days following Jesus' resurrection, which are among the church calendar's most important yet least observed times. Jesus our Christ resumed to speak and to show love in the same places where His ministry had previously been carried out. This is to show you how consistent our Lord really is... Hundreds, if not thousands of people saw Jesus in His restored body. Then, in the company of the beloved (Not only the Disciples), Jesus was also lifted into the sky and carried to the Presence of the Father, and then they experienced the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus walked among us again for forty days after the resurrection. However, the followers and Disciples had to relearn, remember, and even reconsider and reexamine many of the lessons that Jesus had already convened. So it wasn't that Jesus was "Preaching to the Choir" but that Jesus was "Reaching to the Church" to cement and reaffirm the excellent news of the Gospel—the forgiveness of Sin, God's redeeming Grace, and His Imminent Return. I pray that you choose to join us, and that you prepare your body and mind by prayer and reading of the scriptures.

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