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“Now we can eat…”

A few years ago, my wife overheard two sisters speaking to each other at Center Street Kitchen after receiving some bagged lunches. One sister said to the other, “Now, we can eat.”

I share this with you because sometimes we don’t know about the hardships our younger neighbors face each day. Lack of nutritious food is a big issue for some youngsters.

Through the outreach of one of the ministries of First Presbyterian Church Eustis, Center Street Kitchen, we have collectively offered over 10,000 meals to people who need a meal or fellowship in a safe place.

We may never know how our contributions impact the recipients in need. But we as members, associates, and friends of First Presbyterian Church Eustis do have a positive impact on those we serve.

We are the arms, hands and legs of Christ in our community and it is up to us to “know Jesus, by showing Jesus.”

As we come to a close on 2020 remember to finish strong in your financial contributions to your church. Make a difference and be generous. Also, if you have not made your financial estimate for 2021 so our church leaders can plan and be good managers, please do so. If your conditions change, you may always make an adjustment.

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