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Over 1500+ lbs of food!

We are immensely grateful and filled with joy as we celebrate our partnership with both Scouts Boys Troop 16 and Scouts Girls Troop 16, who honor us with their presence on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, respectively. Their dedication and service, particularly in their recent accomplishment of collecting over 1500 pounds of nonperishable food for Lake Care Food Pantry in Mt. Dora, beautifully reflect our church's mission: to reflect and reveal the unselfish love of Christ in all that we do.

This remarkable achievement, currently showcased in our fellowship hall, is a testament to their hard work and the spirit of compassion that our church upholds. It is a vivid illustration of how the Scouts are living embodiments of our mission, embracing and practicing the unselfish love of Christ through their actions and service to the community.

We are blessed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for Troop 16 at First Presbyterian Church. Our role as a sanctuary for learning, growth, and service is in perfect harmony with the Scouts' journey of developing into responsible, caring individuals. As they embark on various challenges and adventures, we are proud to support them, guided by our shared commitment to embody Christ's love in our community.

Above all, we give thanks to God for this wonderful partnership. It is through His grace that we come together, supporting and enriching the lives of these young individuals. We are constantly reminded of the power of community and the blessings that come from uniting in Christ’s love to achieve common goals.

Let us continue to pray for the Scouts, their leaders, and all those they help through their service. May God's love and guidance be a constant presence in their lives as they continue to positively impact the world, mirroring the unselfish love of Christ in their every deed.

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