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Priceless Gifts

It is easy to overlook priceless gifts in plain sight, especially in today’s society. While in the case of FPCE, I had the pleasure of taking on a restoration assignment of notable significance.

There is a stained glass cross display between the gathering place and the Sanctuary. The Cross faces into the sanctuary, and the reverse side is in a closet, with light illuminating the Cross from the inside. I was tasked with merely removing a deadbolt lock from the closet doors and freshening up the appearance. Upon my internal inspection of the cross-lighting fixtures, I discovered seven of the eight light fixtures were not working. The light fixtures were probably at least 50 years old and beyond repair. Major electrical remediation was also necessary. And there was also minor wood rot inside the lighting cabinet.

Fast forward three weeks later, I repaired the damaged wood, sanded and painted, ran new electrical, and installed all-new energy star LED lighting inside the cross cabinet. Several church members' responses indicate that the illuminated cross looks spectacular, amazing, magnificent, and the best ever.

Although it may be easier in many cases to completely demolish and start over, there is true beauty in restoration.

Thank you

Jeramie Toussaint

FPCE Maintenance Supervisor

This is the plaque under the Cross.

Dedicated to The Glory of God

In memory of Rev. Walter Mertz


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