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Seeding the Clouds - Legacy

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Mario’s last sermon of the Win the Day series was about “Seeding the Clouds.”

When I was a child, I knew an aviator, J. D. Wingfield, who also owned the Gulf Oil gas station in midtown, Umatilla. Mr. Wingfield was an aircraft owner. He had a Piper J-3, wood and cloth fabricated yellow taildragger. He was known to take youngsters up for a bird’s eye view of the town and surrounding community. He gave me a love for flying and later in life, I was able to earn my flight certificate at Lake Sumter State College with a ground school course, and my flight exam at Orlando General Aviation Airport.

One year, we experienced a long dry spell and the farmers of the area had crops in the ground that were drought-stressed. Mr. Wingfield was one of the pilots in the area who “Seeded” the clouds with special crystals provided by the National Weather Service to help make it rain.

Pastor Mario’s sermon brought to mind another “seeding” opportunity we all have; that is, the concept of “Legacy.” Legacy in Christian financial support is providing in our legal instruments, our Wills or Estate Plans, a provision for distribution of a share of our assets at death, after the estate bills are paid, which are bestowed to our church.

Legacy is a method whereby we can leave some assets which will “seed” the future of the mission and ministry of our church. We will never know what impact we have when we give through a Legacy Plan! Many of the saints who have preceded us here at First Presbyterian Church, Eustis have supported ministries, repairs, and scholarships through thoughtful estate planning. They have made a lasting impact through their Legacy.

The concept of Legacy is something we should all consider as we make our plans for the distribution of our estate. The best way to accomplish a lasting Legacy here at FPCE is to pray about it and see your accountant and attorney. For more information, check with our church treasurer, Richard Paul.

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