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Sermon Recap, Jan 07, 2024

Hey there, friends! Pastor Mario here, and I'm excited to share a recap of our recent sermon with you. Our current sermon series is all about "Wrestling with Doubt and Finding Faith," and it's based on the premise that doubt isn't the enemy of faith; rather, it can help us mature in our faith. Each week, we'll be tackling difficult questions, and this week, we dove right into the big one: Is there a God?

It's a question that has puzzled humanity for centuries, and theologians have offered various perspectives. Some even argue that trying to prove God's existence might actually deny God, as we, with our limited human minds, can't fully comprehend the divine.

But the sermon didn't aim to persuade anyone to believe in God or not. Instead, the goal is to encourage critical thinking and discernment and to share your testimony whenever possible... "Preach the word of God; use words if necessary!" Let it be known that doubt can be helpful; doubt can act as a safeguard against blind trust, helping us stay vigilant and aware of potential red flags.

We are reminded that doubt should be our sidekick, much like Robin is to Batman, aiding our journey toward a mature faith. Doubt should inspire us to ask better questions, not paralyze us with uncertainty.

While some might seek evidence for God's existence through various arguments like the cosmological, teleological, or moral arguments, On Sunday, I wanted to remind you that these can only take us so far. They might not work for everyone or in every situation.

Instead, we should embrace the testimonies that individuals share about their experiences with God. Just like Psalm 19, which doesn't provide irrefutable evidence but beautifully describes the author's perception of God's glory in the world around them. Testimonies are meant to be shared, celebrated, and used to inspire our own faith journeys.

When talking about love and our personal experiences of love, I can emphasize that some things can't be reduced to chemicals or equations. Love is a mystery that defies scientific explanations, just like the presence of God in our lives.

So, the ultimate message is clear: whether there is a God isn't about finding definitive proof but exploring our own experiences, feelings, and testimonies. It's about celebrating the beauty of creation and the wonder of existence.

As we continue this sermon series, let's remember that it's okay to wrestle with doubt. Doubt can be a powerful tool for growth and deepening our faith. Let's focus on the journey, share our own testimonies, and encourage one another on our paths of faith. After all, our responsibility isn't to prove God's existence but to love, care for, and uplift one another. Until next time, friends, may you find joy and inspiration in your own faith journey.

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