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Sermon Recap, May 26, 2024

Updated: May 28

In our recent sermon titled "In All That You Do," we delved into James 2:14-26, exploring the interplay between faith and action. The scripture reminds us that mere profession of faith without corresponding actions is futile. James poses a poignant question: What good is it if we claim to have faith but fail to demonstrate it through our deeds?

We highlighted how faith without works is essentially dead. Drawing from examples like Abraham and Rahab, we see that true faith is manifested through action. Abraham's faith was made complete by his obedience in offering his son Isaac, while Rahab's actions demonstrated her faith when she protected the spies.

Pentecost, we noted, is not just a one-time event but an ongoing call to action. Unlike other seasons in the church calendar, Pentecost doesn't have a designated period because it's about implementing the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives daily. We emphasized James' assertion that faith must be accompanied by works to be meaningful.

In illustrating this point, we used practical examples like choosing a competent doctor or lawyer based on their track record. Similarly, we must evaluate our faith by the fruit it bears in our actions. We explored how faith is not just a personal matter but one that impacts the community around us.

The sermon encouraged self-assessment and goal-setting in our spiritual journey. Just as athletes strive for improvement, we are called to assess our faith journey and set goals for growth. We emphasized the importance of accountability partners and community support in achieving these goals.

Ultimately, we concluded with a reminder that the Holy Spirit is ever-present to guide us in our self-assessment and goal-setting endeavors. Whether in success or failure, we can rely on God's presence and guidance in all that we do. As we strive to live out our faith through action, may we continually seek the Holy Spirit's guidance and commit ourselves to growth and service in the community.

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