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"The Beginning of the End"

March 28th, 2021

We are at the end of Lent and at the end of a lesson series called "Ashes to Ashes." This lesson series was designed to help you consider your life journey, your limitations from the beginning to the end while keeping your eyes on Jesus as the most essential and eternal thing.

Our goal was to help you pause and consider a primary principle of our Christian faith: Which is we are all sinners, we are all guilty, and we all need Jesus' love, forgiveness, and saving grace, and that everything is not lost because Jesus has promised to redeem us.

In this lesson series, we heard how to endure God's discipline patiently and also to understand that more often than not, we are dealing with the consequences of our "Sin" rather than a punishment from God.

We have also learned that to escape darkness, despair, or desperation; we must live with gratitude, remembering the goodness of God.

Additionally, we have shared that God is our only real source of safety (in our journey and our destination). We are called to learn, teach, and share the assurance that God is able and willing to deliver us from evil. As Christians, we only need to stand in God's solid foundation of the Gospel.

Then we heard that repentance leads to God's forgiveness and restoration of both the individual and the community; however, "Repentance" isn't about a quick, mindless "I'm sorry." The repentance that leads to forgiveness and restoration must be "Genuine," which means that it must bear fruits.

Last Sunday, we remember that our Lord's name has power and that Jesus' power is love. This love has the power to transform our lives, and this ought to change everything about us. Now, the question is... has it been all worth it? Did this lesson series meet all your expectations and aspirations? ...

In the same way, did Jesus meet all your expectations? In your life, during this season, during this pandemic? because Jesus is about to enter Jerusalem.

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