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"The Things We Do for Love"

3rd Sunday of Easter, April 18th

We are recounting the stories of Jesus’ appearances to the disciples after His Resurrection. This means that the story that you are listening to this weekend might have a striking resemblance to the gospel narrative proclaimed last weekend. This should not surprise you or disappointed you. After all, we are taking the time to show you another perspective of the same truth: Christ is Risen! Jesus has Risen indeed.

This weekend, you will hear [again] how Jesus appears to the disciples because God loves them and cares for them. The fact is that Jesus knows that God’s people are afraid and are overwhelmed with disbelief, so Jesus takes the time to do something unusual, perhaps unsophisticated, something that is so weird that we will never forget it! This shows that Jesus knows God's people and our humanity, and it demonstrates [again] God’s never-failing, never-ceasing, never-expiring love.

We will do well to acknowledge that God is willing and able to show up, and yet we will also do well to acknowledge that some of us are overwhelmed by our unbelief.

Jesus does not want to add to our already overwhelming life; so Jesus does the thing that we can digest, the thing that we will not forget.

Jesus came back not as a spirit, or an idea, or as mere “wishful thinking,” but as the embodiment of every promise from the past, present and future. Jesus not only came to this world—he came back to this world. Jesus comes into the midst of our lives, to the center of it, to provide comfort, strength and to show us a path forward in the midst of it all.

So, why did Jesus eat? For the same reason that He did everything else... for the Glory of the Father and the benefit of God's creation. Jesus did not eat to be filled, but to testify to the incredible power of God’s love.

Jesus came back to this world, and Jesus will do it again because that's what you do when you love someone...

You come back!
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