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"Unity and Maturity"

Trinity Sunday, May 30th

Today in the liturgical calendar, we are encouraged to celebrate the Trinity — God who is three and yet one. The Trinity is never explicitly mentioned in the Bible, but the "Unity" and "Maturity" between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is evident and displayed in Scripture.

The Trinity can be difficult to explain or understand; sometimes, we talk about the Trinity in terms of purpose, tasks, roles, and relational attributes, yet nothing explains the theological concept of Trinity perfectly. God is bigger and beyond our human ability to completely understand. However, on this day, we will explore the Trinity as it relates to one of the most urgent calls of God to the church. The call to remain "United" and be "Mature" in Christ by The Holy Spirit, for the Glory of Son.

According to New Testament scholar Daniel Wallace, the whole theme of the Epistle to the Ephesians may be stated pragmatically as "Christians, get along with each other! Maintain the unity practically which Christ has effected positionally by His death." or in lay terms,

People of God, remain "United" not by your own will or intelligence but by the power of the Holy Spirit who gives us different gifts and fruits to be used according to God's purposes.

We need to desire and want to be "United" while accepting, seeing, and celebrating our differences. After all, we are created in the same image, according to the same likeness, to worship the same God.

Furthermore, we must also say that we are to develop "Maturity" within the body, which means for us to remain pure [without any unnecessary elements] and holy [dedicated or consecrated to God.]

We need to desire and want to develop our "Maturity" while aiming for pureness by making every effort not to be distracted from the greatest commandment in the law [see, Matthew 22:36-40] and embrace our value as "Holy" people, knowing and remembering our worth.

We are called to remain "United" and exercise "Maturity" not because we can but because we should; after all, that was the whole point of Jesus' Birth, Passion, and Resurrection. For us to be finally "United" with the Father, and "Mature" growing in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and with the rest of creation. [See, Luke 2:52]

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