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226th General Assembly

Updated: Jun 18

I am excited to share some news with you and to explain my upcoming absence from our congregation and the church office. From June 24th to July 4th, I have been chosen to participate in the 226th General Assembly of our denomination, which will convene in Salt Lake City, Utah. This gathering is a significant event where commissioners from presbyteries across our church come together to review the work of synods, address controversies within the church, handle matters of common concern for our community, and serve as a symbol of unity for our denomination.

The General Assembly, outlined in Chapter 3 of the Book of Order, carries several specific responsibilities. It seeks to protect our church from errors in faith and practice, ensuring that our theology remains true to biblical standards and historic confessions. Additionally, the General Assembly presents a witness for truth and justice in our community and the world, sets priorities for the church's mission, and fosters relationships with other Christian denominations and ecumenical bodies.

As the highest governing body of our denomination, the General Assembly comprises commissioners elected by presbyteries—half ruling elders and half teaching elders—bringing diverse experiences and perspectives to our discussions. Many commissioners have served in governing bodies such as sessions, presbyteries, or synods, providing a deep understanding of our church's needs and challenges.

During the assembly, we will review reports and recommendations from the Presbyterian Mission Agency and the Office of the General Assembly, covering a wide range of topics including mission programs, theological issues, and justice advocacy. Committees, including the one I will serve as Vice-Moderator, will be formed to discuss constitutional amendments, policy recommendations, mission strategies, and matters concerning our denomination's councils. These committees will deliberate, amend, and present their recommendations to the full assembly for approval.

Your prayers during this time are invaluable as we seek God's wisdom and guidance in our deliberations. I encourage you to follow our church's social media accounts for updates on important decisions and discussions at the General Assembly.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and prayers. I look forward to sharing with you the insights and outcomes of this assembly when I return.


Pastor Mario Bolivar

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