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A 'Welcome' Campaign

“Missions and Property: A ‘Welcome’ Fundraising Campaign


Our Vision as a Congregation of Christian Faith

“To reflect and reveal the unselfish love of Christ in all that we do!”


One of the Great Ends of the Church is to shelter, nurture, and provide for the spiritual fellowship of the Children of God. To guide us in this endeavor, we listen to the timeless wisdom of the Scripture, especially Hebrews 13:2, which insight us to “Welcome Strangers.” This is a New Testament reference to an Old Testament lesson from Genesis 18: 1-8, where Abraham and Sarah exemplified radically hospitality to three emissaries of the Kingdom of God with the best they had to offer. They did this with sustenance and shelter, and we are called to follow in their footsteps.


Our Annual Spring Fundraising serves dual purposes:


1.         Providing 'Sustenance': We aim to enhance our partnerships and support initiatives that uplift those in need locally and globally. Through your generosity, we will support the ministry of the following teams and organizations:


§  Center Street Kitchen

§  Rise Against Hunger

§  Open Door

§  Lifeboat Project

§  Let's Get Physical

§  The Recovery Cottage

§  Habitat for Humanity

§  Lake Cares Food Bank

§  Life Choices Lake County

§  PCUSA Special Offerings

§  Duval Home

§  Thornwell Home Children

§  Cuba Mission Partnership

2.         Being a 'Shelter': We strive to maintain our sacred spaces and facilities, ensuring they remain places of divine worship, community fellowship, and support. Your contributions will help us undertake essential projects such as:


§  Replacing the Plexiglass protecting our Sanctuary Stained-Glass Windows,

§  Replacing the remaining carpet in the Gathering Place,

§  Fixing the A/C in the Education Building, and

§  Improving the Landscaping of our campus.


Our financial goal for this campaign is to raise $80,000, equally distributed between the aforementioned goals. Your support will enable us to make a tangible difference in the lives of many and strengthen our congregation and those who benefit from our campus.


As you consider how you can contribute to this meaningful cause, know that your gifts, regardless of size, are welcomed and valued. Your elected Session, along with the Mission, Property, and Finance committees, will diligently allocate funds and keep you updated on our progress and activities. You may reach out to Mr. Richard Paul, the church treasurer, or our financial Secretary, Mrs. Faye Thompson – When giving by check, add in memo line ‘Welcome’


Our campaign will commence this Sunday May 5th and conclude at the end of June—a two-month journey of prayer, celebration, and collective action. Together, we can reach—and surpass—our goal of $80,000!


With gratitude and anticipation,

your FPCE Generosity Team

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