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Bonnets & Bowties

A member of our congregation has challenged all of us to contribute to a special offering, “Bonnets & Bowties.”  How does it work? To take part in the offering, you can wear an Easter bonnet or Easter bowtie to church on Easter Sunday. Those who wish, may contribute any amount (a dime or a dollar or two or more) for each bonnet or bowtie worn. The count will be announced the following Sunday, April 7, 2024 (as well as here in the Segue).

The offering will be split between Vacation Bible School and Center Street Kitchen, two of our outreach ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Eustis.

The challenger has pledged to contribute two dollars for each bonnet or bowtie worn during any of our three worship services on Easter Sunday.  The average attendance is about 165 each regular Sunday, but this Easter, our congregation is encouraged to invite more people!

Start planning your spectacular bonnet or bowtie for this Easter Sunday.

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