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Center St. Kitchen

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Fridays 11 AM to *12:30 PM (*Or until meals are available!)

We are fighting against hunger or food insecurity in our area. On Fridays, we offer a balance home cook meal to all area residents or guests without judgment or discrimination.

Our guests may receive as many as ten hot homecook meals without the need for an explanation. Every meal has an entree, salad or vegetable, and even dessert. Meals are served on to-go boxes with utensils and water.

When you come to our campus, we ask you to come to the Fellowship Hall portico and meet one of our helpful volunteers will meet you there and bring the meals out to you. Please know that we begin serving meals at 11, and we serve until 12:30 or until all the meals are provided.

If you would like to volunteer and serve in one of our teams, please get in touch with the church office by phone at 352-357-2833. ***You need to be at least 16 years old to be able to sign-up and serve; however, if you are younger than 16 y.o. you can always serve alongside your parents or legal guardian.

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