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"Finish the Race"

Christ the King Sunday / Reign of Christ | Luke 15: 11 - 24

Today we are celebrating the end of the liturgical calendar, as the season of Advent begins next Sunday, November 28th. Today is known as “Christ The King Sunday” a day for the Church to give thanks and praise for the sovereignty of Christ, who is Lord of all creation and is coming again in glory to reign (see Revelation 1:4-8).

As sovereign ruler, Christ calls us to a loyalty that transcends every earthly claim on the human heart. To Christ alone belongs the supreme allegiance in our lives. Now, to help us explore this idea, we will pay attention to the story of the “Prodigal Son” as is told to us in the Gospel according to Luke. Be aware of the race of the Father for his children; and be reminded that we are also called to finish our own race. Christ is King, let us be of good courage and know that we are loved. Be not afraid our Father will see us coming.

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