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John: Light & Life, Session 01

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

John: The Gospel of Light and Life - Session 01

With Pastor Mario Bolivar

A Study of the Gospel of John with the help of the book by Adam Hamilton

- Now also available on Zoom; please register for the link. - Click Here!

We embark on a journey of profound discovery as we delve into the depths of the Gospel of John. This study promises to illuminate our hearts and minds with the radiant light of Christ's truth and grace. This is our first session, and we shall explore the purpose, authorship, context, and distinctive viewpoints of the Gospel of John while laying the foundation for the treasures that lie ahead.

"In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind." - John 1:4 (NIV)

The Gospel of John opens with a resounding declaration of purpose - to bring forth the light of life to all people. In John 20:31, we are reminded that these words were written so that our faith in Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God, might be fortified, leading to life through His name. This Gospel is more than just a narrative; it's a beacon of light that guides us through the darkness of this world.

**Authorship: A Beloved Disciple's Perspective**

While the official authorship of the Gospel of John remains debated, it is commonly attributed to the apostle John, son of Zebedee. Interestingly, this Gospel is penned by someone known as "The Disciple whom Jesus loved." Isn't it captivating that the emphasis here is not just on the author's identity but instead on the depth of love Jesus had for His followers?

**Date & Time: An Ancient Beacon of Truth**

Dated around A.D. AD 85–110 (I was incorrect to say A.D. 185-254—For those that attended the class!!!), the Gospel of John is a monumental testament to the legacy of Christ's teachings. Written possibly after the other disciples had passed away, it reflects upon the monumental significance of Jesus. This Gospel is not merely a conclusion to Jesus' story but a testimony that His story can never truly be concluded (John 21:25).

**Viewpoints: A Unique Lens into Jesus' Ministry**

In several ways, John stands distinct from the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). While the Synoptic Gospels focus on Jesus' ministry in Galilee, John is set primarily in Jerusalem. John employs metaphors and concepts to convey his message, whereas the Synoptics often use parables. Moreover, John magnifies Jesus as the revealer of God to the world, while the Synoptics emphasize the kingdom of God.

**The Incarnation: God's Word Made Flesh**

"Word made flesh" - this profound concept is central to the Gospel of John. This Gospel unveils the incarnation of Jesus, affirming His divine nature and His role as the embodiment of God's love and truth. Through Jesus, God's nature is understood, and a tangible connection between divinity and humanity is established.

**Engaging with the Text: Questions to Ponder**

As we embark on this journey, let us consider some thought-provoking questions:

  • How has your perception of Jesus and your relationship with Him evolved since your first encounter?

  • What is the foundational premise of the Gospel of John, as revealed in its opening verses?

  • Reflecting on John 1:14 and the statement, "The premise of the Bible is that the God who created the universe wants to be known," how does this resonate with you?

  • In the face of spiritual darkness, both in the Church and the world, how does Jesus bring His light?

  • What does "eternal life" mean in the context of the Gospel of John, and how has this concept transformed your perspective?

  • How have you experienced the transition from death to life through Christ in the realm of earthly existence?

  • What is the distinction between inviting Christ into your life and accepting Christ's invitation into His life?

  • In which areas of your life have you placed unwavering trust in Jesus, and where have you hesitated to surrender?

As we delve into the Gospel of John, let us open our hearts to receive its profound truths. Let us embrace the light it shines upon our lives, allowing it to illuminate our paths and deepen our connection with the Savior who came to bring us life in abundance. May this study be a journey of revelation, transformation, and renewed commitment to follow Christ, the world's Light.

Stay tuned for more enlightening sessions on the Gospel of John, as we continue to explore its richness and uncover the treasures that await us.

We will continue to meet on Tuesday in Person in the gathering place or by zoom.

Count it all joy,

Pastor Mario Bolivar

Session 01
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