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Mid-Year Campaign Details

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

With the coordination of the Finance Committee, the Session has built a financial plan that sustains and shapes our future, and we are bringing this plan to you, seeking your prayers and financial support. To give online visit

“In Response to the Good News of the Gospel”

Generosity Mid-year Campaign 2022

1. Property Maintenance and Improvements $ 40,000

2. Congregational Life 20,000

3. Worship Experience 25,000


Total Needed $ 85,000


The ministry goals below are not in order of priority.

Ruling Elders will determine the course of action as funding becomes available.

Thank you for all your trust, support, and generosity.

Hardening and grounding of Electrical System in the Sanctuary

Meeting Adjustments allocated to staff compensation

Paint Inside Walls and Doors Fellowship Hall

Paint Inside Walls of Gathering Place (Sanctuary Area)

Improvements of Parlor/Foyer (Sanctuary Area)

Audio/Visual Equipment in Fellowship Hall

Audio/Visual Equipment in Sanctuary

Children – Vacation Bible School

Youth – End of Year “Winter” Camp

Addressing the Air Conditioning of the Sanctuary

Meeting the estimate of deficiency from the approved Budget vs. Anticipated Income

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