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Jesus Book

By: Joy Holifield, Worship Leader at the Crossing

For many years I thought I knew Jesus. I have always been grateful for the price He paid for my sins, that He is creator of all things, is the great physician, is a friend to all, and so much more.

In the last year I have felt the Lord calling me deeper into a relationship and to know Him even more intimately. Last month I read “The Jesus Book”. Within the first few pages I knew it would be unlike anything I have read before. I could read this book many times over and still glean more treasures. Each chapter presents a different characteristic of Jesus.

I was deeply moved by the King, Lord, Healer, and Sufferer chapters. Sufferer changed how I look at the Passion of the Christ forever. If you happen to see me crying, 9/10 it is because I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what Jesus has done for us and how much He loves us. They are tears of love for a beautiful Savior.

When you know Jesus…

-As a prefect man, you identify with Him.

-As The King if Glory, you submit to His authority.

-As Suffering Savior, you surrender to Him because we cannot save ourselves. Only He can save us from our sins.

As The Son of God, you worship Him.

…You Show Jesus.

Let’s be people who know Jesus more deeply than ever before, love Him with all that we have, and share the overflow of love with others.

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