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New Class of Ruling Elders

As the First Presbyterian Church of Eustis embarks on a new chapter, we are delighted to welcome the newly elected and installed class of 2025 Ruling Elders. This momentous occasion brings a blend of familiar faces and new energy to our church's leadership.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Dalton Yancey and Don Brandt, who have graciously agreed to serve a second term. Their ongoing commitment exemplifies the dedication and passion that form the bedrock of our church's leadership. We also extend a warm welcome back to Jeanne Thomas, whose previous service has been invaluable. Her return is a testament to her enduring commitment to our church's growth and spiritual journey. We also welcome Alan Leavens, who joined our church in 2022. Alan brings a wealth of experience from his time serving on the Session at St. Cloud Presbyterian in Florida. His insights and expertise are invaluable additions to our church’s leadership.

We also recognize the ongoing contributions of the Class of 2024: Tim Holifield, Gary Harvison, George Trenfield, and Ann Ford. Their dedication continues to be a source of strength for our community. Last but not least, Alesandra Saunders, as our Stated Clerk, deserves a special mention for her diligent work and steadfast leadership, ensuring our church remains guided by its principles and commitments.

As the highest leadership in the local church, the Session’s responsibilities are vast and diverse, reflecting our commitment to living out our faith in meaningful ways. These include evangelism, mission and justice, worship, education, stewardship, finance, transformation, administration, relating to higher governing bodies, and fostering ecumenical connections.

The path ahead is both exciting and challenging. The responsibilities of our Ruling Elders, as outlined in the Book of Order, are immense. Yet, it's in these challenges that our faith and community find their strength. As we welcome these leaders, we remember our reliance on Jesus Christ, who calls our Church into being and sustains us in our mission to the world.

To our congregation, your support and prayers for our Ruling Elders are invaluable.

Together, let's embark on this journey with faith, hope, and a commitment to serve God and our community.

This new class of Ruling Elders is a reminder of our church’s dynamic and evolving spirit. Let us move forward with unity, embracing the journey God has laid out for us, and supporting our leaders with our prayers and active involvement.

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