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"In All That You Do: A Journey Through the Practical Wisdom of James"

Faith is not the end goal; it is a tool, a vehicle that leads us to participate actively in reflecting and revealing the unselfish love of Christ in all that we do. As believers, we strive not only to deepen our faith but also to live it out in practical ways, impacting the world around us. And what better way to embark on this journey of practical wisdom and spiritual growth than by delving into the profound teachings of the Book of James?

Nestled within the New Testament, the Book of James stands out for its straightforward, no-nonsense approach to faith. Unlike some other biblical texts, James doesn't rely on cryptic language or mysterious imagery. Instead, it offers clear, practical guidance on how to live a life that reflects our beliefs.

In our exploration of James, we find that while understanding his teachings may not require the Holy Spirit, practicing them certainly does. James challenges us to move beyond mere intellectual assent to our beliefs and into active engagement with them. Faith, according to James, is a dynamic force that should manifest outwardly, enriching our relationships and uplifting those in need.

With this understanding, we invite you to join us on Sundays after Pentecost for a transformative series titled "In All That You Do." This series will challenge conventional notions of faith, inspiring us to live out our beliefs in tangible ways. Whether you're seeking to deepen your understanding of faith or looking for practical guidance in living it out, this journey through James promises to be both inspiring and enriching.

It's worth noting the significance of the timing of this series. After Pentecost, we enter into a season of expectation, a time of actively living out the gifts of the Spirit bestowed upon us. Pentecost marks the presentation of the gift and the anticipation of what we will do with the Spirit of the living God dwelling within us.

So, as we embark on this journey through James, let us commit ourselves to not only hearing but also doing. Let us allow our faith to propel us into action, reflecting and revealing the love of Christ in all that we do. And as we journey together, may we grow in spirit and in truth, becoming living testimonies to the transformative power of faith in action.

Sunday, May 26th – Memorial Day

Scripture: James 2: 14-26

Sermon | In All That You Do: Works


Sunday, June 2nd 

Scripture: James 3: 1-18

Sermon | In all that you say: Tongue


Sunday, June 9th

Scripture: James 4: 1-10

Sermon | In all that you wish: Dreams  


Sunday, June 16th

Scripture: James 5: 13-20

Sermon | In all that experience: Pray

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