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Rhoda Williams

Celebration of Life of our Beloved Rhoda Williams

First Presbyterian Church of Eustis

117 S. Center St. Eustis FL 32726

Saturday May 18th - 2 PM

Dear Church Family,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the death of our beloved sister, Rhoda Williams. Today, we stand together in prayer and support for her family and loved ones as we mourn the loss of a fearless woman of faith.

Rhoda's departure leaves a void in our community, yet her memory will forever inspire us. Her unwavering faith in the face of adversity was a testament to her strength and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. Though we do not yet have all the details, we trust in God's plan and find solace in knowing that Rhoda is now in His loving embrace.

Many of you may have experienced Rhoda's love and encouragement firsthand, whether around the community, at the school or in Church. She was a beacon of light in our community, always ready to uplift and support those in need. Rhoda was not only a most excellent friend but also a favorite teacher and ally for students across the county.

In Church life, she accomplished many things, however in the last couple of years her role in our Special Gathering Committee was much appreciated, particularly in overseeing celebrations of life and funerals, exemplified her dedication to serving others. Even amidst her own health challenges, Rhoda remained steadfast in her faith. I had the privilege of being with her just this Monday, and her strength and resilience were palpable. She faced her pain with courage, finding comfort in the promise of our redeemer and friend, Jesus Christ.

As we navigate this time of grief, let us remember Rhoda's legacy. Let us continue to live life her way, with compassion, courage, and unwavering faith. May we reflect the unselfish love of Christ in all that we do and find comfort in His presence during this difficult time.

Please join me in lifting up prayers for Rhoda's family and friends, that they may find peace and strength in the days ahead. And let us hold fast to the hope that one day we will be reunited with our beloved sister in the arms of our Savior.

In Christ's love,

Pastor Mario Bolivar

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