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Sermon Recap Aug 20, 2023

The day's topic was Paul's letter to the Ephesians, a thriving church in a city brimming with success. It was an exciting contrast to John's Book of Revelation, meant for those struggling against the tides of hardship, unfaithfulness, and worldly desires. Yet, here was Paul, an aging man in prison, reaching out to a congregation basking in victory, urging them not to forget their trustworthy source of strength.

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The thriving church in Ephesus was bustling with life and growth. One could argue they didn't need a reminder or help—they were already great! But the paradoxical wisdom of Paul's words. Success can sometimes close our eyes to the foundations that led us there. Paul knew this well, and he felt compelled to remind the Ephesians about where their real strength lay.

And so, when there is something to celebrate, CELEBRATE! However always consider the everyday battles—especially when you, my dear congregation, find yourselves in heated arguments with your loved ones or when unexpected glitches throw off our carefully planned church events. These might seem like trivial matters, but I remind you that these very situations have spiritual undertones. In its cunning ways, the devil takes advantage of such opportunities to weaken our faith and divide us. Know that every physical challenge brings a spiritual test.

Now, let me take you on a journey through the core of the sermon and theme of this sermon series—the armor of God. Imagine standing there in ancient times, surrounded by warriors clad in armor, each piece serving a unique purpose. The Belt of Truth secures everything you carry, the Breastplate of Righteousness guarding your heart, and the Shoes of Peace enable you to stand firm in your steps, etc.

Our new series will analyze each of the elements of the armor in great detail in the upcoming weeks. to see the upcoming scriptures and overview of the sermon series, please visit

The imagery didn't end there; I wove in anecdotes from our own lives—how each piece of this armor, like the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit, applies to today's challenges. With vivid descriptions, I helped you see the practicality of these symbols, bridging the gap between ancient scripture and the reality we live in today.

We explored the unity within our church, celebrating the unselfish love that echoes Christ's teachings, especially in our children's ministry. But I didn't stop there—I leaped to the future, sharing news of the upcoming capital campaign for roof replacement. Amid logistical complexities, I urged you to focus on faith and commitment to the Gospel mission and not let such hurdles distract from our greater purpose.

In the end, the crescendo is the urgency to persistent prayer and the unwavering commitment to display and employ the whole armor of God and to NEVER-ever take it off. At that moment, this isn’t just a lesson but a battle cry. The armor is not just a symbol; it's a tool for us to wield in our spiritual battles. I encouraged you to immerse yourselves in scripture and prayer, to engage in this journey of faith actively, and to stand unshaken against the forces that seek to undermine us.

So, my friends, I painted a tapestry of ancient wisdom intertwined with our lives, a reminder that we must remain anchored in the Lord's strength even in our successes. As we face each day's challenges, let's put on the armor of God, stand united, and never lose sight of the heart that beats within our congregation.

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