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Sermon Recap Aug 27, 2023

Putting on the Belt of Truth [Reading the Bible for Revelation] is the first step of the Armor of God, the very thing that, as Christians, we should never-ever take off. In this sermon series, we are considering that there are at least three armors that are available at any given time.

(1) The world's armor [Goliath's Armor], which affirms that bigger is better, 1 Sam 17:5-8.

(2) The borrowed armor [King Saul's Armor] which hinders your movement because it does belong to you, 1 Sam 17:38-40.

(3) The Armor of God, Ephesians 6: 10-18, which by Grace we received, which we can call our own because of the Sacrafice of our Lord Jesus Christ. An armor fitted to each of us.

It is not enough to have the discernment to know which Armor is better or more effective to withstand all the strategies of the evil one, but since it has been revealed to us in the way of Jesus through Paul, we must learn to use it and never-ever take it off.

In our journey of faith, we often encounter the concept of "putting on the belt of truth," a metaphor derived from the imagery found in Ephesians 6:14. This powerful analogy reveals a vital aspect of spiritual growth – the act of arming ourselves with the Word of God, much like putting on a belt.

To put on the belt of truth requires deliberate effort, akin to equipping ourselves with a physical belt. Just as we exercise to strengthen our bodies, reading the Bible demands our time and dedication. It's not a mere intellectual exercise; it's about embracing the truth of God's Word and weaving it into our lives.

A belt, when worn, serves its intended purpose – to hold things together. Similarly, when we engage with the Bible, its truth becomes our foundation, guiding us through life's challenges. Much like a belt reveals its full potential when worn, the truths of the Bible are unveiled when we immerse ourselves in its wisdom.

And yet, many will ask, "What is Truth?" The concept of truth can be complex. Our understanding of truth may differ, but the Bible stands as a timeless source of absolute truth. In a world where perspectives vary, the Scriptures provide unwavering guidance. Its pages encompass more than knowledge; they offer revelations that lead to salvation.

So let it be known that truth doesn't [in God's way] come from knowledge; it comes from revelation. Many read the Bible for knowledge, yet its true power lies in revealing God's character and purpose. As we transition from seeking knowledge to embracing revelation, we experience transformation. Reading the Bible for revelation requires patience, openness, and a willingness to allow God's truth to shape our lives.

Reading the Bible for revelation is not always straightforward. It's akin to drawing water from a well – a process that demands effort, engagement, and a willingness to explore deeper truths. Just as the process of drawing water nourishes more than just yourself, the revelation gained from Scripture benefits those around you.

When we read the Bible for revelation, remarkable shifts occur within us. Fear of consequences fades, self-interest takes a backseat to serving others, and our definition of success aligns with God's purpose. As we put on the belt of truth, harsh reactions give way to grace, and we learn to navigate life with newfound wisdom.

Engaging with the Scriptures for revelation helps us discern God's trajectory for our lives. Instead of trying to convince God to follow our lead, we align ourselves with His divine plan. This harmonious journey is only possible when we are tied together with fellow believers through shared understanding and adherence to God's truth.

In a world of shifting beliefs and changing perspectives, the Belt of Truth remains constant. Its significance lies not just in what we read but in how we read. When we approach the Bible seeking revelation, it becomes a source of unending wisdom, a wellspring of truth that guides our every step.

As we wrap ourselves in the Belt of Truth – a metaphorical representation of reading the Bible for revelation – we embrace a transformative journey. This journey leads us away from mere knowledge and toward a deeper connection with God's Word. Let us embark on this path with open hearts and receptive minds, allowing the truth of the Scriptures to shape our lives, relationships, and purpose.

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08272023 Sermon
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