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Sermon Recap July 30, 2023

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Let's recap on the last lesson of our sermon series, "The Summer Worship Playlist." To begin, we focused on the author of "How Great Thou Art," Carl Boberg, who was a Swedish poet, preacher, government official, and member of parliament. Despite his imperfections (after all, he was a politician), he, like Jacob ( later known as Israel) from Genesis, could witness and celebrate the presence of God in his life.

We explored how both Carl and Jacob "Israel" had similarities to politicians, being crafty and ambitious--Jacob stealing the blessing from Esau. However, and more importantly, they were also able to recognize and appreciate God's presence, holy places, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Carl's song, originally a poem, was inspired by a storm and the subsequent awe he felt witnessing the grandeur of nature and the might of God. Similarly, Jacob experienced a profound encounter with God, acknowledging the sacredness of the place where he met Him and God's power and ultimate triumph.

As we gathered together in our church, we were reminded that we are not just insignificant parts of the whole; instead, we are like the whole enchilada--despite the messiness of our lives, we, as the church, as members of the body of Christ. We are still the whole enchilada because of God--to God be the Glory!. We are valuable, each one of us contributing to the tapestry of our faith community. Just as Jacob held on to the angel and wrestled for a blessing, we were encouraged to persist in seeking God's blessings and to value ourselves as essential church members.

Remember, remember that throughout the sermon series, we explored songs that have touched our hearts and amplified our worship experience. These melodies have a special way of connecting us to God's presence during weddings, funerals, and various moments of our lives. They transcend language barriers, demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit to unite us in worship.

As we move forward, we are reminded to cherish our roles in the church and appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit among us. We don't need to test God or make vows (Like Jacob did) but rather commit ourselves to participate in Christ's body actively. Our contributions, whether time, talent, or treasure, significantly impact the spreading of God's message and love, and even Jacob was able to recognize that.

So, beloved church, let us remember that we are not the FREE chips and salsa; we are the whole enchilada, and that Christ paid for this to be our privilege. We are integral to God's plan, and when we gather together, we experience His presence in a profound way. Let us value ourselves and each other, recommitting to our friendships, ministries, and collective mission for the glory of God's kingdom.

As we conclude this sermon series, let us continue to sing from the depths of our souls, expressing our gratitude and awe for God's greatness. May His eternal melody resonate within us and inspire us to share His love with the world. For from generation to generation, God's blessings have flowed, guiding us to lead, teach, and work towards His divine purpose. Let us sing with all our hearts, "How great you are, how great you are," proclaiming the magnificence of our Creator and Savior. Amen.

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