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Sermon Recap, March 17, 2024

Last Sunday's sermon, titled "Rectify While Moving," delved into Mark 5:35-43, where we find two interconnected stories: that of Jairus' daughter and the woman with abnormal bleeding. These narratives, though seemingly separate, are intricately woven together to reveal profound truths about faith, community, and Jesus' transformative power.

Jairus, a synagogue leader, sought Jesus' help desperately as his daughter lay dying. Meanwhile, an unnamed woman had suffered from abnormal bleeding for twelve years, ostracized from society due to her condition. Both were ritually impure according to societal norms of the time.

The sermon highlighted Jesus' response to the woman's touch amidst the bustling crowd. Despite societal taboos, Jesus not only healed her but also acknowledged her faith publicly, affirming her worth and inclusion in the community. Jesus' act challenged societal norms and emphasized the importance of compassion over legalism.

However, amidst this miraculous encounter, Jairus received news of his daughter's death. Despite the despair and doubt surrounding him, Jesus urged Jairus to have faith and not fear. Jesus' response emphasized the transformative power of faith, urging believers to trust even in the face of despair.

As Jesus arrived at Jairus' home, the crowd mocked his assertion that the girl was merely asleep. Yet, Jesus remained undeterred, demonstrating his authority over death by raising the girl to life. In doing so, Jesus challenged societal expectations and exhibited his willingness to get his hands dirty for the sake of others' healing and restoration.

The sermon concluded with a poignant reflection on the significance of Jesus' hands, symbolizing his willingness to embrace the brokenness of humanity—to get involved because others are suffering. Jesus isn't afraid of getting His hands dirty. Just as Jesus did not shy away from touching the ritually impure, believers are called to follow his example and engage with the messiness of life, offering healing and restoration through compassionate action.

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