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Sermon Recap, Sept 10, 2023

It's a curious thought: Many wouldn't leave their homes without shoes on, yet they tread the intricate paths of life spiritually barefoot. Just as feet need shoes for protection, stability, and direction, spirits require the grounding reassurance of the Good News. On Sunday, Sept 10, 2023, we continue our sermon lesson series on the Armor of God, using the experience and life events of the disciples as their stories are found in the book of Acts.

The title of the lesson is "For Shoes, Put on the Peace," which is taken from Ephesians 6:15 and the third element from the Armor of God. Now the scripture for exploration is Acts 8:26-39; we encounter a powerful narrative about Philip the disciple and an Ethiopian official. It vividly showcases the transformative power of the Gospel - the ultimate "shoes" for our spiritual journey. Despite his wealth and influence, the Ethiopian spiritually wandered barefoot [Seeking for Understanding, rather than Revelation] until Philip, guided by an Angel, then the Holy Spirit, acquainted him with the true essence of the Gospel.

To the question, What is the Good News of the Gospel? Or What is the Peace that comes from wearing the Good News of the Gospel... in simple terms, The peace from the Good News is the assurance that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us, empowering us to share the Gospel, free captives, heal the blind, and uplift the oppressed. See, Luke 4:18

Roller coasters, with their thrilling ups and downs, become an apt metaphor for life's exhilarating highs and lows. Like life, they're unpredictable, often sending us spiraling in unforeseen directions. Some people seem to thrive amidst these twists and turns, while others feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, life demands a ticket for the ride and for everyone to share and help each other with the good news!

Christians cannot be indifferent to the needs of others.

Drawing a parallel to a recent softball game against the "Money Train" team, life’s challenges manifest in both physical and spiritual arenas. Facing adversaries like the "Money Train" is not just about winning the game but retaining one's essence amidst the chaos. In such instances, the Bible provides an invaluable guide. Not only does it convey words, but it reveals deeper insights that armor our spirits – from the belt of truth to the shoes of peace.

Like Philip, we ought to wear these spiritual shoes, ensuring stability and receptivity to God's word, making us attuned to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

This peace and stability rooted in the Gospel are further illuminated in Luke 4:18. Here, we learn that the peace from the Good News is a deep assurance. It signifies the Spirit of the Lord's presence, empowering us to share the Gospel and uplift the oppressed.

As we navigate life's roller coaster, the choice remains: will we walk its unpredictable terrains barefoot, vulnerable to every stone and thorn? Or will we clad our feet with the Gospel's peace, ensuring stability and purpose?

Life’s journey is not just about the ride itself, but also about who we evolve into. And with the right spiritual shoes and anchored faith, we can gracefully handle every twist and turn life throws at us.

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09102023 Sermon
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