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Tues. Online Only Bible Study - 7 AM

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Tuesday Online Only Bible Study -- Meets Only at 7 AM (Begins May 3rd)

Societies have always categorized people into different hierarchies of value, but that has to change because Jesus came to create a new humanity that is unified across all dividing lines. This is why we are studying the book of Ephesians.

This new Bible Study begins May 3rd and will be led by Pastor Mario on Tuesday at 7 AM – Online (Zoom) Only. We will explore Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus—a diverse group of Jews and non-Jews from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Ephesians didn’t have much in common, yet Paul is very clear that in the family of God, all are equal recipients of God’s grace through Jesus.

We will cover this: What does it mean to be a new unified humanity in a culture where followers of Jesus can be found on both sides of many controversial issues? How can our allegiance to Jesus compel us to have patient and meaningful dialogue with those whose views differ from our own? We pray that you decide to join us!

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Bible Study is led by Pastor Mario on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 210 235 450

If you have questions or require further assistance joining online,

please contact

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