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Tables of 8 Update


Our Table of 8 held our first fellowship gathering several weeks ago. It was memorable! First, we are only a table of 6 and have room for two more. We realized the gentleman and one lady have a strong tie to agriculture and spent too much time talking about farming – people we know and all kinds of associated stories. The ag lady at our table grew up on a dairy. Even though she started out running a dairy, her calling was in public service. We did some grandchildren bragging, seems we have many to cover.

By far the most embarrassed member of the Table was the ‘not to be named chef’ that did not sauté the chicken thighs long enough!! Chicken and yellow rice should have the chicken well done, not showing signs of life!! At least the 1905 salad and peach cobbler were satisfactory and the fellowship was wonderful!

Our second gathering was just as wonderful. Remembering the experience with chicken and yellow rice (medium rare chicken) the chef opted for spaghetti!! Wise choice. Guests provided the salad and dessert (a pecan parfait that was to die for!!). The conversation was mostly on family as we tried to process grown children and grandchildren. Our stories started with how each couple met. Amy and Roy were in high school together in Union Springs, Alabama. They married when in college and are well into their 4th decade together. Denise and George on the other hand met later in life. Seems George was looking for someone to date and a mutual friend accomplished the task. Their first date was most interesting as it seems the matchmaker dominated the evening. Not only that, George was introduced to Denise’s children as well. Things did not slow down and now this couple shares an extended family. As for my bride, follow closely. Her daughter is married to a couple of my granddaughter’s uncle! I would see her daughter at family parties and was told to “call mom and find out how she is doing”. I did, and as they say, the rest is history.

When talking about children, Roy and Amy shared how their youngest daughter (they have 2) was always interested in country music and headed to Nashville after college. She was an usher at Grand Ole Opry and has been involved in the industry since arriving. Seems Denise and George are country music fans as well and the conversation went from one recording personality to another. Catherine noted her involvement with country music goes back to her days in the milking parlor (she grew up on a dairy and milked many a cow) where the music varied depending on what crew was milking. She heard plenty of Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Partin but we are not big listeners today. Totally enjoyed the trip to Nashville. Roy and Amy will be there in early December to see granddaughter Ella star in a play!! We retired to the living room to enjoy pictures and share more family information.

We have a challenge for other Tables! Can any group beat 29 grandchildren!! I have trouble with the 16 Catherine and I have.

What a fun time! We will become more engaged with each other’s families over time. This is what fellowship is all about, sharing the lives of others. We will take a break for the holidays and gather in January. By the way, we have room for another couple!!

If you want to join a Tables of 8, or start one of your own, reach out to Liz Smith at

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