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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Dear Church, as your Minister of the Word and Sacrament, I would like to acknowledge our Session's many gifts and talents publicly. Also, give thanks for their time and effort, and praise God for providing the leadership of our Church.

Class of 2021: Jess Anderson, Kristin Whitaker, Doris Barrell, Barbara Smith, and Berni Hebrock (2022 Class) Thank you for serving with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love! You had a crucial role, and together we were successful. Glory be to God! Despite all the circumstances and adversities of the year 2021, you lead our Church with tenacity, mercy, and grace. It was a pleasure serving God and fulfilling the great commission together!

After our Congregation Meeting of December 19, 2021. The congregation elected from its members a new class to lead our Church in this new year. See the name of those who were elected, ordained, and installed on that day below.

In the same way, let us celebrate and acknowledge the work of our Deacons. Thank you for serving for three consecutive years and re-igniting the ministry of prayer and compassion in our congregation. Special thanks to Mark Bischoff for leading the charge and pushing for accountability and collaboration until the end!

To the first class of Elected, Ordained, and Installed Deacons in our Church since I arrived to serve this congregation as a pastor! Thank you for making our Church more efficient and dynamic. You made an impossible job possible! Mark and Theo, thank you for running with the ball for so long! To the rest of the class of 2021, thank you for serving another year and helping me transition to a new model of deaconship.


Ruling Elder – Class of 2022

1. Barbara Smith (filling a vacancy for one more year)

2. John Jackson

3. Bob Curry

4. Bob Hartman

Ruling Elder – Class 2023

1. Ruth Polgreen

2. Amy Singleton

3. Don Brandt

4. Dalton Yancey

*For pictures and brief biographies

Ruling Elder Alternate / Clerck of Session: Alesandra Saunders


Deacon – Original Class of 2022

1. Judy Carter

2. Phil and Judy Kelley

3. Rhoda Williams

4. Thomas Whittaker

5. Robbie Sutton

6. Scott Smith

Deacon (Serving another year) – Additional Members to Class of 2022

7. Alysa Hritzik

8. Brenda Knox

9. Jeanne Sutton

10. Linda Casher

11. Lou White

12. Ruth McCollum

Deacon - Class of 2023

1. Ann Ford

2. Anna Rust

3. Elliott Owens

4. George Trenfield

5. Lisa and Rick Head

Be of good courage and know that you are loved,

Rev. Mario Bolivar


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