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The Latest on Center Street Kitchen

Last week, CSK served over 120 take-out meals. This ministry in one of the major outreach works of our church community. Along with the Cottage, we serve many who need us acting as the hearts and hands of Jesus. It’s our vision, “When you know Jesus, you show Jesus.”

Those 120 people were served by just two people: the CSK weekly leader and one other volunteer. If we are going to serve our community adequately and expand our Christian reach, we need more volunteers.

This need brought to mind a great hymn we sing together as a congregation from time to time. The name is “Here I am Lord.” Written by the American composer Dan Schutte in 1979, the lyrics are based on Isaiah 6:1 and 1 Samuel 3:4.

Schutte wrote the song at age 31 when he was studying theology at Berkeley. He was requested to compose, on short notice, a piece for the ordination of deacons, incorporating the lyrics of God’s word and of Jesus.

Here is the chorus:

Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night I will go Lord, If you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart

If you are thinking of helping and serving in the mission of our church, please consider volunteering for this worthy venture. Call the church office at 352-357-2833 and put your name on the list!

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